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Some models for download

Download the models, copy them into the folder braincircX.X/models/archives on your computer, then go to the model management interface and ``restore'' them.

Model of brain NIRS signals from Banaji et al. (2008). .

The famous Lorentz model.

The famous Hodgkin-Huxley model taken from Keener and Sneyd (1998), p126ff

A basic model of glycolytic oscillations taken from Keener and Sneyd (1998), p18ff.

A basic two-pool model of calcium induced calcium release taken from Keener and Sneyd (1998), p163ff.

A detailed IP3 receptor model of calcium release taken from Keener and Sneyd (1998), p168ff.

The much used and cited model of vascular smooth muscle (VSM) force generation from Hai and Murphy (1988), p168ff.

The Ursino and Lodi 98 model of control of cerebral blood flow Ursino and Lodi (1998).

The Korzeniewski model of oxidative phosphorylation described in Korzeniewski and Zoladz (2001). (Model description available here).


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Murad Banaji 2008-09-03