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Model of brain NIRS signals

Here the model of brain NIRS signals described in Banaji et al. (2008) can be downloaded. If you do not have the braincirc interface, then it is available on sourceforge. Assuming that you have the braincirc interface set up, download the model, copy it into the folder braincircX.X/models/archives on your computer, then go to the model management interface and ``restore'' it.

Download the model for the braincirc interface.

Instructions for reproducing figures in Banaji et al. (2008).

Download more models for the braincirc interface.


M. Banaji, A. Mallet, C. Elwell, P. Nicholls, and C. Cooper.
A model of brain circulation and metabolism: NIRS signal changes during physiological challenges.
PLoS Comput Biol, 4(11):e1000212, 2008 [paper free on PLoS].

Murad Banaji 2008-09-03