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Model download

The BRAINCIRC model interface has been considerably developed since the earliest versions of its release. It can be used as a standalone modelling environment, particularly suitable for building large biological models. It is designed for UNIX systems.

The current version of the modelling environment is BRAINCIRC2.2. As updates are made the version number below will periodically change. At each release of the modelling environment, any previously released versions of the brain circulation model itself are contained with the release. Thus the current environment, BRAINCIRC2.2, contains the version of the model braincirc1.0 previously released and referred to in Banaji et al. (2005). It also contains a new version, less tested and documented, but which addresses some of the inadequacies in version 1.0. This system allows updates to the interface to be separate from updates to the biology within the model.

Instructions for model download and installation can be found in the installation file. Help on using the GUI is available via the GUI itself.

Download the model interface as a zipped tar archive from sourceforge.

You can read some more of the model documentation before downloading the model: README, BASICS.


M. Banaji, I. Tachtsidis, D. Delpy, and S. Baigent.
A physiological model of cerebral blood flow control.
Mathematical Biosciences, 194 (2): 125-173, 2005.

Murad Banaji