Dynamic Three-Dimensional Ultrasound of the Clitoris

The minimally compressive imaging technique can also be used for visualisation of female erectile tissue complex.
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3D & 4D US
Click here to see a Live 3D (with a relatively small imaging volume)  scan of the clitoris from the middle towards the patient's right.
Click here to see a Full Volume 3D scan of the clitoris.
Click here to see a fully disclosed clitoris and other erectile tissue.
Compare a clitoris at rest to the same one engorged.

* 3D/4D ultrasound data sets through this page were acquired with Philips Live 3D Ultrasound and Real-Time Volumetric Imaging; 3D/4D images & movies were reconstructed with either TomTec's 4D Echo Scan or MGI's 3D Imaging Workstation