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These pages describe a wide variety of imaging techniques: scientific research and clinical applications developed over the past 15 years by our group, including: Multi-Dimensional Imaging and Processing Methods (CT, 3D US, MRI, Laser, etc); Surgical Planning; Prosthesis Manufacture; Training Systems; and various other interesting and useful things.

We now have our own Stratasys FDM 3000 system and can manufacture high quality models in ABS plastic in house.

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GraphicGeneral Overview CarnationVisual overview
Clinical Services SkullCT, MRI images
Research Fetal face3D Ultrasound
Teaching MRI FetusFetal studies
PhDs & Projects Laser imageSurface scanner

Some Specific Items

Surgical Planning

Prosthesis Manufacture

Laser Surface Scanning

3D Imaging Measurement

Virtual Medical Laboratory

Solid Anatomical Models

Anatomical Teaching Systems

Surgery Training Simulator

Image Fusion Project

Image Segmentation

Symmetry Studies

Maxillo-facial Studies


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